Tips To Write Effective Marketing Email For Email Campaign That Converts

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If you are a business and want a more direct relationship with your audience, you are probably doing email marketing for this purpose. Email marketing uses email as a medium to create awareness and generate interest in the customers so they can perform a specific task such as the purchase of a new product or service. You can read more about email marketing in What Is Mailchimp? Best Practices For Mailchimp Email Marketing. In this article, we will learn some tips for writing an effective marketing email for a successful email campaign.

Tips For Subject Line

The Subject line should provide clear information about the email content. A good subject line is that makes the recipient curious and want to open the email so he can read the content of the email. That is why you can include a question or offer in the subject line of your email. Since the subject line is the very first thing that the recipient sees in the inbox before he opens the email that is why it should be short so the recipient can read the whole subject line because only a limited number of characters of the subject line are visible in the inbox. If you write a personalized subject line by including the name of the recipient in the subject line, there is a high chance that the recipient will open the email. Write several subject lines and keep track of the email that is opened the most based on its subject line.

Tips For Start Of The Email

If you are successful in grabbing the attention of the recipient, he will open the email. Now a proper and well-written email to a customer or business should be personalized. If you are writing an email to a customer, you should start the email with greetings and then mention the recipient’s name. If you are writing an email to a business, you will send that email to a business representative, so you should mention his job title and name in the email. The opening should be such that the recipient feels that the email is specifically written for him. After addressing the recipient, briefly introduce yourself and your business so the recipient can understand the purpose of the email.

Tips for Email Copy

This is the main area where you want the email readers to arrive. Here you will write about the product or service for which you are creating awareness and generating interest in the audience. Write in detail about the product or service that you offer. You should tell the audience why your product or service is the right choice for your audience. You should tell them how your product or service will be helpful to them.

Include images or videos in your email so the audience can see the product visually. If your service has various plans or if you provide different features at different prices, write about it or attach a pricing table in the form of an image. You can also add statistics in email copy to get recipient attention and build credibility. Use AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) or other copywriting techniques for writing email copy. After getting recipient attention, generating interest and building desire to buy your product or service, encourage recipients to take action according to the email campaign goal by adding a clear Call to Action (CTA) button or link such as “Buy Now” or “Click Here”.

Tips for Closing

If you are writing an email for a specific person, you should add a closing line to your email. In closing line, you should tell your recipient that if they have any queries, you are always here to respond to queries. Use Words like “Looking Forward to our Conversation” and “Please respond at your earliest convenience” to encourage customers to connect with you. In the end, add your name and job title.

Tips For Footer

This is the last part of your email. In the footer, you should add social media profiles, contact info, physical address and email address so the audience has several ways to connect with you and can contact you with ease. You should also add a link to your website so the audience can see other products and connect with you there. You should also add an unsubscribe link so the audience can unsubscribe if they want to. You should also add links to pages such as privacy policy, terms and conditions etc.


By following the tips mentioned above, you can craft an email for an email campaign that will greatly help you in lead generation and generate profit for your business.

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