Codeable Developers: The Best WordPress Developers for Hire

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Codeable is a platform that provides top-notch WordPress development services. The platform offers businesses the opportunity to hire the Best WordPress experts. Codeable developers are selected after a comprehensive and rigorous vetting process. Currently, there are more than 750 developers who are providing services in different WordPress niches. In this article, we will see why Codeable developers are the best, how to hire one, what sets Codeable apart from other freelance platforms and how to join Codeable as a Professional WordPress Developer.

Why Codeable Developers Are The Best

Codeable developers stand out from others because Codeable focuses on quality rather than quantity. Codeable provides top-notch services in each area of WordPress and WooCommerce development. The vetting process of Codeable selects the top performing developers from the entire world. The premium pricing model provides superior quality and there is no race to the bottom when it comes to rates.

Codeable has the best WordPress developers in the world

How Does Codeable Work

As a client, you can hire an expert for different WordPress tasks. The scope of work can be from a simple bug fix to custom development work.

Unlike other freelance platforms, you don’t get a rain shower of proposals for working on your project. You are connected with a few of the recommended experts. When you have a limited number of developers to review, it allows you to decide and hire faster.

Alongside that, you see just a single price. There is no race to the bottom when it comes to rates.

When the project is started, your money is safely stored until you mark the project as complete. Once that’s done, the money is releasted to the developer’s account. This protects your funds in case things don’t work out the way they should and ensures you have a commited developer for your project.

What Sets Codeable Apart

Codeable doesn’t allow everyone to just create a profile and start sending proposals. Codeable has a vetting process and after passing their interview, coding quizzes, test project and trial period, you get the certified developer badge which shows that you are a premium WordPress developer committed to provide top-notch services.

How To Apply To Codeable

For joining Codeable, you submit your application, watch a short video about Codeable and answer some questions about what you learned. There is a coding quiz, a back-end or front-end related test project which you choose and an interview with a Codeable staff member. This process can take up to four weeks to complete.

Pricing of Codeable Developers

At Codeable, you don’t see a different rate from each developer and there is no race to the bottom when it comes to rates. Instead, you get one estimate based on their $80-$120 hourly rate.

The estimate is based on total scope of the project, complexity and urgency.

A 17.5% service fee is added and after that, you get an estimate.

How Codeable is different from Other Freelance Platforms?

Codeable has a vetting process and not everyone is allowed to join the platform. There is a comprehensive and rigorous vetting process which include live coding test, interview, top-notch English communication skills, behavioral interview. There is a 90 day trial period for developers who join Codeable to assess their performance and then there is an ongoing excellence monitoring process which ensures you only work with top-performing experts.

There is no bidding process and a race to the bottom when it comes to rates. Instead, you are connected with only a few of the selected recommended experts.

There is a balance when it comes to client projects vs developers which ensures each developer can keep working on an adequate amount of projects and earn a handsome amount of money.

What Types Of WordPress Projects Are Available On Codeable?

There are different types of WordPress projects on Codeable. These include theme development and customization, plugin development and customization, e-commerce, API integration, speed and security etc.

Should You Join Codeable?

If you are an experienced WordPress developer, have a great portfolio, can work fast and meet deadlines, have great communication skills and committed to providing extra-ordinary services, then you should apply to codeable.

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