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If you are in the field of Web Development, there is a high chance that you know about WordPress. If you want to know more about WordPress, you can read Why Should You Choose WordPress As A CMS? In this article, we will discuss the question: does WordPress host websites? What are the key differences between and

Difference between and is a hosted version of WordPress. It means you do not need to install WordPress yourself on the hosting server. In, you sign up and the website is created. You just need to setup and launch your website.

In, you download the setup for WordPress, install it on a separate hosting, configure it and after signing in, you start building a website.

Comparison between and is free and there are no limitations if you have domain and hosting but free plan has limitations. For example, in free plan, you cannot install plugins. In, multiple plans are available, you can choose one according to your needs and budget.

In, you do not need to install WordPress yourself but in, you need to install WordPress yourself on the hosting server. On most of the servers, one-click install WordPress install feature is available.

In, there are no limitations. You can customize your website just like you want. provides you with complete control over your website. You can setup and maintain your website yourself. Whereas, the level of customization in is no match to customization. provides security features to protect yourself from malicious activity and hacking attempts. Whereas, In, you have to keep your website secure yourself.

In, the storage space depends on the plan you are using. Whereas in, storage space depends on the hosting package you are using for your website.

Does WordPress host websites?

WordPress itself is a software that is used to build and manage websites. Both and sites are powered by WordPress. hosts website because it includes managed hosting. Whereas in, you download and install WordPress on a separate hosting server.

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